Nerve Pain – Fixing Entrapped Nerves

Nerves are an integral part of our motor control system, but sometimes they can be a source of pain. The best solution is not to cut the nerve or burn the nerve or shut down the nerve with a shot, as that would compromise our motor control and sensory experience. Solving a nerve problem first involves identifying what the problem is.

Peripheral Nerve Entrapments

Nerves must move, stretch, and glide along an often circuitous path as they branch and split to the various parts of the body, carrying vital sensory information to and from the central nervous system. Sometimes, due to inflammation or injury, a space that the nerve passes through may become compromised and stuck. In these cases, movement will be normal until suddenly it becomes painful – characterized by a sharp stretching feeling or shooting pain. This is the body’s way of protecting itself. The pain signal is there to prevent you from performing the movement so the nerve won’t be severed or damaged.

In cases like these, whole muscles or sets of muscles will be shut down through certain ranges of motion to prevent stretch of the nerve. This is also part of the pain pattern, and won’t resolve until the irritation to the nerve calms down.

The Solution

Resolving a nerve entrapment case requires some patience – but significant relief can usually be had in just three to four sessions. In the case of radial, ulnar, or median nerve entrapment the approach needs to address all entrapment sites. The process usually goes like this:

  1. Decompress the neck by addressing muscular problems there
  2. Free the nerve roots near the scalenes
  3. Address the various entrapment sites in the shoulder, arm, forearm, and hand
  4. Reinforce with ART Long Tract Nerve Entrapment Protocols
  5. Assign neck decompression homework using a device like this

Sometimes a few days of rest from activity is required, as inflammation of the nerve is common. The nerve responds to the stress of being stretched by initiating an inflammatory response, and this can irritate the nerve along it’s entire tract. Freeing it at every entrapment site and giving some time to heal yields lasting results.

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